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Calculating sides using trigometric ratios - Math Review

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Solving trig ratios - what you will need:

To solve trigonometric ratios you will need a scientific calculator.  Depending on whether you have a Direct Algebra Logic (DAL) calculator or not, the order you key in the calculation may vary.  Experiment until you get the results shown here.



  1. Label the sides (o, a, h)
  2. Identify which trig. ratio uses these sides.
  3. Calculate the side.


Calculating sides using trig ratios 


Calculating sides using trig ratios


Calculating sides using trig ratios

 Trigonometry problems for you to try.


Problems using trig ratios


Solutions:  1)  4.2m  (1dp)     2)  28.9m  (1dp)     3)  8.4m  (1dp)