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Page updated : 11 March 2018


Quick! Shoot the numbers from the middle into the ever increasing line to create sequences that add up to 10. Try different combinations to make more than one sequence at a time, or long sequences. Great mental math skills will win the day.


I have a calculator! Why are mental math skills important?

By putting the calculator aside you develop a deeper conceptual understanding of math problems. Basically you learn how an algorithm works and, then, when you use a calculator or other tool you'll have more confidence in questioning whether the answer you've been given is correct.
Developing your mental math skills also helps stimulate your memory retention. It's exercise for a healthy brain. You'll be able to do math problems faster, and faster and recall math facts quicker allowing you to apply the correct solution to a problem with better recall.
This stimulation of the brain is important not just for your math skills and can even help in postpoing the onset of Alzheimers.