Welcome to FUNMATHS! is all about high school math. We believe learning maths can be fun! And at high school math level too! There are abundant online resources for primary school math and fills the gap for high school mathematics covering all the advanced topics like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, geometry and more. Here you will find printable math worksheets, tutorials and math review , math games, math puzzles, online math resources and all sorts of fun math projects for high school math students, young adults and secondary school teachers. Have a browse around...

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Written by teachers all around the world these maths worksheets are available free for classroom use.


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Math can be fun! Download a range of high school math games & puzzles and learn the fun way.

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Need help with algebra, trigonometry, statistics or calculus? Visit the high school math tutorials.


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Valentine's Day Math, Tessellations, Math and Art - all in this fun section.

Problems with Trigonometry?

No problem. Pop over to our math tutorials page for a help with a trigonometry ratios. You should start with the  Pythagoras' Theorem tutorial.


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You'll first need to master solving simple algebra equations. Then learn to solve quadratic equations. From there the best next step is plotting graphs. Don't forget to practise with algebra worksheets and problems after learning something new.



We've got you covered! Start with the calculus review and tutorials - integration, differentiation, and applications of differentiation, then practise, practise, practise with the calculus worksheets and problems.


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Interested in math and art?Find out about tessellations and how to make a tessellation.

Need a math project for Valentine's Day? Or Pi Day? Or Christmas?


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We've got printable tangram puzzles, tangram templates, and online fraction poker.
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